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Our Purpose

Our Purpose at Origins Massage And Wellness Therapy is to nurture, empower and connect people more deeply with self by offering a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Meet Lucinda

Lucinda LaneLucinda is the founder of Origins Massage And Wellness Therapy, and more recently, Twig & Leaf Meditation.

Highly trained, and experienced, as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master, Lucinda specialises in working with busy people who value and want to prioritise and maintain self-care.

Lu understands the importance of work/life balance and how challenging that can be for busy people.

By using a holistic approach, Lu helps her clients find the right techniques and tools to help them feel more empowered to take control of their wellbeing.

She also understands the impact that injury or chronic illness (physical & mental) can have on a person’s state of wellness. Lu works with them to help in their recovery and assists them to be better able to function on a day-to-day basis.

Outside of her business, Lu is part of the Admin team, and most recently, a Meditation Coach, at the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness (ACMM), coaching core students one of the electives offered, bringing Mindfulness Home as part of their own journey to become Meditation Teachers.

Lucinda’s Journey

Lucinda’s journey began in the late 1990’s, where she was working in a demanding and stressful job, causing her to feel constantly unwell and exhausted.

It wasn’t until a mentor said the following words, that it finally hit home:

“You cannot pour from an empty cup”

By creating more time for regular self-care, Lu started seeing a variety of natural health specialists (Naturopaths, Integrative Health, Bowen Therapist) and things began to improve.

Lu retrained as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist (2005) and since then has been gradually expanding her skill set over the last 18 years as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Bowen Therapist, Reiki Master, Pregnancy Massage Specialist and Meditation Teacher in 2020.

For last 18 years, Lu has helped others reach their wellness goals.


Lucinda is known for her patience, attention to detail and her genuine caring nature. Her ability to listen and hear what her clients tell her, sets her apart.

She understands that everyone is unique, everyone has their own individual needs. Lu is constantly learning new techniques and modalities, so that she can provide her clients with the best holistic therapies to suit their individual needs.

Lu loves working with her clients, is passionate about helping them find their own work/life balance, to help them to feel better, move better and to empower them to take control of their own wellbeing.


During Lu’s “downtime”, she loves keeping active by getting outdoors, gardening, spending time with her family, going for walks with the dog (a walk usually involves buying a coffee to take on the way!).

Practicing what she preaches, by maintaining regular massage & other natural therapies, training sessions and yoga, which helps her to keep functioning, not only as a massage therapist, but maintaining wellbeing for everyday life.

Regular Meditation (daily) & Reiki practice is a big part of Lu’s life, as it helps her remain centred, calm, and better able to handle life’s little hiccups. As she says: “Life’s Swings and Round-a-Bouts”.

What we value

Personal Growth

Don’t accept the status quo. Explore life & learn, keep your mind open to new possibilities, thoughts & ideas. You never know where that may lead you.


Be thankful for the little things in life. Spread the joy!


Listen with an open heart. Kindness & understanding, goes a long way.


Be generous with your knowledge, share what you know.


We have one planet, strive to take care of it the best way we can! Reuse, Recycle, Use Sustainable & Ethical Products when you can.

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